ShoreConnection offers full training of its products to its customers.

The HMS Standard Rev. 9b require HMS operators must be able to document to an HCA/ CAA inspector that they have received HMS training:

Extract from HMS Standard 9 Ch. 8.2:

“Vessel operators shall ensure that all staff using the system are adequately trained and competent in the role and task. This shall include the operation of the HMS, the interpretation of the HMS displays, and the procedures to be employed during helicopter movements.”

The purpose of this training session is to provide users of the Standard Helideck Monitoring System Rev. 9b (HMS-900) the required information and training to understand the data displayed and how to safely operate the HMS and guidance on HMS operational procedures.

After this training session is completed a Certificate of Training is awarded to the individual participant.


Training options

ShoreConnection offers 2 Training options

The training sessions can be conducted in the following ways:

  1. Mintra Online Training Portal
  2. On board Training, e.g., after the initial Site-specific Acceptance Test (SAT) or during a service visit.