Data Verification

Data Verification Service

ShoreConnection routinely assists our customers to verify the data being received by the HMS-900 is correct and within the accepted limits.

This can be completed onboard or remotely if the computer has a good connection to the internet and the sensors can be accessed.

The completed data verification reports are forwarded to the relevant authorities for approval.

The purpose of the HMS-900-DVR is to verify the data displayed, recorded, and reported by the HMS is accurate and in accordance with the Standard HMS Rev. 9 Chapter 5 – 5.1 and Chapter 8.3. And CAP437 Chapter 6-Pre-flight Offshore Weather Report.

Our HMS-900 DVR is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority International.

It is the vessel owner and HMS operators’ responsibility to ensure the HMS accuracy is maintained.

The HMS-DVR is valid for up to two years and should be renewed accordingly.

Any changes affecting the HMS accuracy before the DVR expiry date, should be rectified and the DVR should be amended accordingly and submitted to Helicopter Certification Agency (HCA) for information.

Bi-annual renewal of the DVR including Re-calibration or renewal of due sensors, should as far as practical be arranged at the time of HIR and/ or prior to the Helideck Landing Area Certificate (HLAC) renewal.