Wind Sensors

Wind Sensors

The wind speed and direction are critical factors in determining whether the landing conditions for a helicopter are safe or not.

We believe in choosing the most robust reliable ultrasonic wind sensors for the challenging harsh Marine environment.

We can help you select the best sensor for the application and regulations you need to comply with or integrate your existing sensor into our software.

Ultrasonic sensors have no moving parts and have extremely long requirements for calibration or maintenance. We can supply cup vane Mechanical models suitable for ATEX / Ex Installations, these need bi annual recalibration when used for a HMS application.

The key factor is providing reliable high-quality data for the HMS application and to enable the helicopter to use the landing area safely and take off in any wind conditions that permit helicopter operations.

In the recent CAP 437 update there is much more emphasis on wind, with the Wind Severity Index (WSI) after Landing and the effect it can have on a helicopter tipping or sliding due to acceleration and the prevailing wind conditions.

We can help with the location and installation of the wind sensor to reduce unexpected unreliable data due to obstructions or possible unexpected turbulence

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