Present Weather and Visibility Sensors

Present Weather and Visibility Sensors

These type of sensors measures the Meteorological Optical Range as well as reporting the presence of liquid and frozen precipitation.

These sensors were normally used at airports, but are now being used on offshore vessels and rigs to enhance safety on the helideck.

This type of sensor sometimes use intricate lenses and optical parts that can be sensitive to vibration and involuntary movement.

The sensor uses an infrared light source to provide the best possible visibility measurement accuracy in all weather conditions.

The sensor measures the refraction caused by suspended particles that obstruct visibility such as mist, fog, dust smoke, snow, ice, rain and hail.

The mounting location of this type of sensor needs to be carefully considered, they must be situated away from vents and washdown areas, but do need a little cleaning and maintenance so must still be relatively accessible.

The sensor should also be situated away from direct sunlight.

The output from the sensor is in the meteorological optical range and the world meteorological organization, table 4680 codes are uses to report present weather.

We can repurpose or re-calibrate existing sensors.

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