Status Light System

Status Light System

A Helideck status light system is a visual warning system that should be installed if conditions exist on an installation which may be hazardous for the helicopter or its occupants.

The system (Status Lights) should comprise a flashing red light (or lights), visible to the pilot from any direction of approach and on any post-landing heading.

The aeronautical meaning of a flashing red light is either “do not land, aerodrome not available for landing” or “move clear of landing area”. The system should be automatically initiated at the appropriate hazard level (e.g. gas release) as well as being capable of manual activation by the HLO.

It should be visible at a range in excess of the distance at which the helicopter may be endangered or may be commencing a visual approach.

The HSL system should provide a “status light activated” signal to the HMS for deactivation the HMS repeater lights.

The status light indicates to a helicopter pilot not to land on the helideck during conditions deemed to be hazardous for the helicopter its occupants or others.

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