Wave Radars

Rangefinder SM-140

The RangeFinder is a high-frequency vertical microwave radar providing sea level, tide, non-directional wave monitoring and air gap measurements.

The measurement principle provides accurate measurements undisturbed by fog, rain and water spray (unlike laser sensors).

The RangeFinder is available as an IoT-based sensor meaning that it is truly plug-and-play, only needing power and an internet connection to give secure access to immediate, real-time data about the ocean state.

The RangeFinder is now available with Atex IEC Ex certification for use in Zone 1

RaneFinder Motion for Vessels has a built in MRU and is motion compensated.

Wave & Current Radar SM-050

The Wave & Current Radar is a high-performance, remote, dry sensor for the measurement of directional wave spectra and surface currents.

The wave and current radar observes the ocean surface in a semi-circle at a distance of 180-450 meters, depending on the installation height which is typically 25-80 meters.

The selected frequency of operations ensures a very high degree of penetration through precipitation and sea spray and provides accurate measurements in harsh weather situations of any kind.

The SM-050-Motion For vessels has a built in MRU and is motion compensated.

The Sm-050 is only available in Safe Area Version