We specialize in DP Closed Bus Tie challanges

Power Fault Control System

Power Fault Control (PFC) is a system for Advanced Generator Protection and associated services required for verification of the electrical system. The PFC system detects possible common source power faults which can lead to loss of all electric power and/or loss of all thrusters when the bus tie breaker is closed.

PFC is a fast acting, monitoring and protection system, using advanced and multi-variable protection functions which are able to detect and isolate faults with a high degree of reliability and precision.

ShoreConnection have since 2004 successfully delivered our Power Fault Control system to over 25 vessels.

The PFC is based on the comprehensive Høglund Marine Automation AS HC800 technology and ABB automation products. The PFC can be expanded with many optional modules like Power Management, Load Control and Energy Monitoring.

In addition, services for verification of the electrical system is required. ShoreConnection will do any study required for evaluating the system by extensive documentation review and advanced computer simulations in Mathlab/Simulink. These services can in turn be used for input for the overall FMEA of the vessel and facilitate the possibility for closed bus operation in DP2 and DP3.

Examples of services:
• Advanced power system simulations
• Protection systems evaluations
• Equipment coordination
• DP consumers and critical equipment ride through verification

The ShoreConnection team includes engineers with extensive experience from electrical systems design, manufacturing of equipment and ship owners. We have the experience from every part of the value chain, ensuring the best possible end result for the customer.


Closed Bus desk top study

ShoreConnection offer Closed Bus desk top study including Dynamic power simulations and Ride Through analyses required for Ride Through verification.

Electrical power systems

ShoreConnection is an independent integrator. We assist ship designers and owners to select the most suitable equipment, lay-out, integration and interface methods ensuring safe, environmental friendly and reliable operation.

We offer:

  • Diesel Electrical Systems considering yard/owner supplied/preferred equipment
  • Integration and interface engineering
  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS) / Batteries
  • Integrated UPS