Multi Meteorological Sensors

Multi Meteorological Sensors

Multi Meteorological sensors for a Helideck Monitoring System are generally used to measure the air temperature, air humidity and barometric pressure (dew point). Other types of sensors can be included if desired by the customer.

ShoreConnection can supply sensors from many different manufacturers, but only those suitable for the harsh marine environment will be suggested.

Depending on the regulations the sensor needs to satisfy we can recommend sensors with either single or integrated multiple specifications. We can supply these for Safe Areas and Hazardous Atmospheres (ATEX).

Our helideck monitoring software displays the air temperature and humidity as standard.  The Dew Point temperature and air pressure QFE and QNH is calculated and display inside the software.

The correct location of Meteorological sensors is vital to ensure accurate data and remove the possibility of any distortion. The probe from these sensors can be protected and put inside a radiation shield to give the most accurate data.

We can also reuse and re calibrate existing sensors to save our customers money.

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