ShoreConnection HAV

ShoreConnection’s Helideck Audio & Video Recording System (HAV) is an integrated recording system for offshore helicopter operations.

Helideck VHF, video camera and GPS data are stored for 6 months, and allows users to playback and copy out events of interest. The system can be used for incident investigation, reporting and documentation.

HAV includes a Windows based software for recording and easy playback of audio, video and data in multiple channels.

Typically, a setup with 8TB SS disks will record one HD video camera at 25 fps and 4 VHF’s for 6 months.

HAV can be delivered as a stand-alone system or it may be integrated into the ShoreConnection Helideck Monitoring System (HMS).


• Marine Operator Station IEC60945 for mounting inside bridge/radio consoles including redundant independent storage disks, sound card, HAV software with data logging, recording and playback for 6 months

• Standard Interface: 1 x GPS, 1 x Video Camera, 4 x Audio channels, 1 x UPS

• Optional Interfaces: HMS data, Video Camera no.2


HAV Layout

HAV Live Display

Typical reference vessels fitted with ShoreConnection HAV