Human effectiveness is reduced with increased motions. Our DMM-Seakeeping system displays RMS motions on multiple deck levels and areas.

NORDFORSK 1987 – Seakeeping criteria has established General Operability Limiting Criteria for various ship types and Criteria for Accelerations and Roll Limitations.

For merchant ships like PSV’s there are different motion limits for various types of crew work and for transit passengers. Light Manual Work, Heavy Manual Work, Intellectual Work and Transit Passengers. Limits can be selected in the DMM-Seakeeping system for the PSV/OCV to determine when to expect reduced human effectiveness.

Where PSV’s are used for Personnel Transfer in addition to cargo the DMM-Seakeeping is used to document transit motions, and crew’s ability to perform effective work during transit.

DMM-Seakeeping data is recorded for 6 months and may be used to analyze ship motions and document vessel accelerations.