For safe transportation of Personnel by crane

When transferring people between offshore units and a moving vessel deck there is a risk for accelerations which may cause whiplash injury.

The DMM-Personnel displays if the vertical accelerations are within safe limits for personnel lifting and landing.

Vessel to Crane Vessel – Relative Motion

The optional DMM-Relative Personnel Motion displays the relative heave motion between vessel deck and a crane vessels boom tip.

In addition to the PSV deck motions the crane boom tip radius/grid is measured over 20 minutes and overlapping.

DMM-Relative Personnel Motion may be used to position both the vessels on optimized heading to bring down the heave in the deck / boom tip area where the lift will take place.

DMM-Relative Personnel Motion heave accelerations can be trusted before the crane turns outboard and position the boom tip with the personnel basket over the PSV deck area, avoiding unwanted lift attempts.

Video and motion playback

The Deck view camera onboard PSV record video for one week, optional 6 months. Vessel motion and voyage data is recorded for 6 months.

Synchronized playback of date, time, position, speed, heading, roll, pitch, heave, DMM/PTM info and video is useful when documenting or investigating lifting operation. Optional Vessel wind and VHF voice recording.