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• The HD IR camera gives a better night vision and filter sunshine

• Video can be recorded at 25fps 24/7

• Optional Deck view WEB service (snap shots of vessel decks can be E-mailed cyclic through vessel Internet)

Crane Operator

• Can get live video feed from the vessel deck

• Can see the touch down gap as seen from top of vessel bridge

• Can see video from vessel deck up to 1500m away

• Can log on to the Deck view WEB service and see how the deck looks like at all time, for planning purposes

DMM-Deck View flyer

The Vessel Deck Monitoring modules

Shore Logistic Personnel

By subscribing to the Deck view WEB service, snapshots from vessel deck is always available and

will give:
• a good deck overview to plan best possible backload
• a good overview of how the supply deck is stowed in port
• a good overview of waves, weather and the vessel stern surroundings
• optional DMM data sent to the Deck View WEB site
• voyage data

The deck crew is not recognizable on the images.