Cloud Ceilometer Sensor


Ceilometers accurately measure ceiling or the base height of cloud layers.

They use the LIDAR principle (using laser light to detect and measure the distances of objects) by using pulsed diode technology and single lens optics.

The cloud base height is determined by analyzing the reflection of light caused by clouds, rain or other obscurity.

They deliver highly accurate data on multiple cloud layers even when conditions limit physical visibility.

The ceilometers we deliver have a range of 25,000 ft (7.62km).

Ceilometers have a long lifespan and need minimal maintenance.

They are integrated into our HMS software or weather station.

Special care needs to be taken when siting the ceilometer to ensure correct data is obtained.

They are normally mounted on a platform with a clear uninterrupted view of the sky away from areas of spray or washdown.

We can assist with the siting of a ceilometer to ensure accuracy.

We can reuse or re calibrate existing sensors.

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