Circle and H

Circle and H

ShoreConnection now offers a robust Circle-H lighting system which fully complies with CAP437 8th Ed.

The Circle-H system illuminates the centre of the Helideck making it safer to land a helicopter at night.

The yellow lights illuminate the Touchdown/Positioning Marking Circle, while the green lights illuminate the Heliport Identification Marking ‘H’.

The system gets rid of the ‘black hole effect’ which is caused by poor helideck floodlighting and the lack of conspicuity of the perimeter lights.

Circle-H provides the pilot with the best possible visual cues during approach and landing of the helicopter in all weather conditions. The system offers easy installation and long maintenance intervals. The system is suitable for both steel and aluminum helidecks. No friction testing is required on the system once installed.

This lighting system assists with a smoother and more controlled landing, which reducing helicopter landing risks and ensures your helideck safety is enhanced and complies fully.

ShoreConnections installation specialists are fully trained and certified by the manufacturer to install this product.

For full information on this system please contact us.