Our main products and solutions

Helideck Monitoring Systems & equipment

Helideck Monitoring System

Motion and meteorological information, essential to support safe and efficient helicopter operations.

Helideck Audio & Video Recording

Our HAV system provides synchronized recording and playback of video, voice, GPS, and optional HMS Data.

Electrical equipment for helideck

In addition to our main products we also deliver electrical equipment for helideck.

Vessel Deck Monitoring Systems

Deck Motion Monitor

The DMM system extends the weather window for safe offshore crane operations by measuring accurate motion on the cargo deck.

DMM-Relative Motion

DMM-Relative Motion provides the crane operator with accurate vessel to vessel relative wave motion data.


Human effectiveness is reduced with increased motions. Our DMM-Seakeeping displays motions on multiple deck levels & areas.


DMM-Personnel displays if the vertical accelerations are within safe limits for personnel lifting and landing.

DMM-Deck View

Multiple functions and areas of use: Live video, playback of recorded video, web service for logistic personnel, ++.

DMM-Simulator Mode

Simulates deck / crane motions in different sea lifting operations.

DP Closed Bus & Power Fault Control

Closed Bus desk top study

Closed Bus desk top study including Dynamic power simulations and Ride through analyses required for short circuit ride through verification.

Power Fault Control

Our PFC is a system for Advanced Generator Protection and associated services required for verification of the electrical system.