Our HMS-900 design, FAT, Data Verification report and Site Acceptance Test procedures are certified by CAA International.

It is fully compliant with ICAO Doc 9261 5th Edition, UK CAA CAP 437, Pre-flight Offshore Weather Report, Standard HMS rev9b and in keeping with the upcoming proposed rev9c features.
Our Deck Motion Monitor displays the Effective Significant Wave Height on the vessel deck. The DMM Method is approved by the WGP5 Crane and DNV.

The system has several stand-alone modules for various operations; DMM-Personnel and DMM-Seakeeping.
Our Helideck Audio & Video Recording System (HAV-200) is an integrated recording system for offshore helicopter operations.

HAV-200 is fully compliant with the CAA-Noway BSL D5-1 Section 41 and the Brazilian Normam-27 Rev 2 Mod 4 Section 0604, annex 6-A and ICA-63-25.


Product Sheet Description Format Size
HMS-900 Statement of compliance HMS-900 Monitoring-System Statement of  compliance ShoreConnection International AS application/pdf 125 Kb
HMS 900 Brochure application/pdf 9.2 Mb
General Project SLD image/jpeg 415 Kb
Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems Rev 9c 2023 06 02 application/pdf 1.2 Mb
DMM Brochure application/pdf 2.7 Mb
HAV Single line drawing application/pdf 128 Kb