CAA Int Approved Helideck Monitoring System


ShoreConnection has provided helideck monitoring systems on hundreds of ships and platforms worldwide. We are a long established, trusted supplier providing detailed quality Meteorological and Motion data inside a modern user-friendly graphical interface. Such information is of key importance to providing safe helicopter transfers from vessels or fixed structures as well as other weather dependent offshore operations.

CAA International HMS 9b Certification

ShoreConnections HMS-900 Design, Software, FAT, Data Verification Report (DVR) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) procedures are fully certified by CAA International to the Standard Helideck Monitoring System Rev 9b, with 9c functionality referenced in UK CAA CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing When the initial HMS-900 DVR and SAT including the HMS-Repeater Lights is approved by HCA, the status of the HMS will be recorded on the Helideck Information Plate (HIP) by HCA Renewal of the HMS-900 DVR including re-calibration or renewal of due sensors, should as far as practical be arranged at the time of helideck inspection report (HIR) and/ or prior to the Helideck Landing Area Certificate (HLAC) renewal.

Additional standards of compliance

The CAAi certified HMS-900 also includes HMS modules which are fully compliant to other HMS standards such as

  • DPC-Brazil NORMAM27 Rev 2 Mod 3-2020 – ICA-60-10 / ICA-60-25
  • Norwegian BSL D 5-1 -2021 / OLF 074, Enclosure K Standard HMS NCS 9.2 – 2022
  • HCA Standard HMS Rev. 8c-2012
  • CCAA UEA-AMC 71-2020
  • USA – HSAC RP Nbr 161,162,163,164
  • ICAO – Annex-14, Aerodromes Volume II Heliports
  • Cayman Passenger Yacht Code (PCY) 2016 2016 / Red Engsin, Annex H


  • Standard HMS rev 9c Pre-Landing HMS and On-deck HMS Displays
  • On deck mounted HMS-Repeater Light System (RLS)
  • Status Light activated interlock
  • HMS Displays for NORMAM-27, NCS 9.2 and HCA 8c
  • Extended Meteorological Data Displays
  • 12 months Recording/Payback, data export to third party and HELIMET
  • Cloud Ceilometer Display
  • Present Weather & Visibility Display
  • HMS Web-view
  • Pre-flight Offshore Weather Report / Helideck Report
  • Optional Helideck/ Weather observation Camera
  • Optional Helideck Audio & Video RAID1 Redundant Recording (HAV-200)
  • Optional Marine Weather Station display
  • Optional Wave/ Current/ Sea sensors
  • Optional Thunderstorm Detector


Before the helicopter lands HMS-900 displays the “Pre-landing” page on the Operators display. HMS-900 processes the data and analyses the Motion Severity Index (MSI), Wind Severity Index (WSI) and displays the information through the Helideck Repeater Lights and they will display Blue / Amber / Red. The meteorological parameters are displayed as in the CAP and requirements. The motion data is displayed as per the current HCA recommendations and the relation between the MSI and WSI is displayed in a graphical format.


After the helicopter has landed and preceding takeoff HMS-900 shows “On-Deck” page on the Operators display. HMS-900 processes the data and analyses the Relative Wind Direction (RWD) and displays the information through the Helideck Repeater Lights and they will display flashing Blue / Amber / Red in accordance with the information received. The controlling algorithm will also change, rather than the MSI/WSI the on stop light is now controlled by the wind direction relative to the helicopter and the wind speed. The other meteorological parameters needed to for a safe take off will still be displayed.



New Display


 Some typical reference vessels/rigs fitted with ShoreConnection HMS