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Motion & meteorology for offshore aviation

System description

The ShoreConnection Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) provides motion and meteorological information, which is essential to support safe and efficient helicopter operations to rigs and vessels. The HMS data is processed and presented in an intuitive graphic user interface, and is designed to support Helicopter Pilots to make vital safety decisions before take-off, during the approach and while on-deck.

The data is recorded for 12 months, and can be reported, replayed and analyzed on board or even ashore using the unique playback and data export function.

The HMS system can be tailored to suit all customer’s needs and the latest rules & regulations depending on the operating area and flight frequency.

A basic HMS can always be expanded with many add-on options and also sea sensors to form a full Met-ocean system.


HMS flyer

HMS Rules & regulations

Depending on where the vessel/rig will be operating, there are a number of different rules and regulations to comply with. ShoreConnection will need to review the HMS inquiries case by case in order to provide recommended layout/upgrades to ensure compliance with relevant rules for your area of operation.

Please find relevant set of rules below:


New Display

 Some typical reference vessels/rigs fitted with ShoreConnection HMS