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 Safe Transportation

Understanding that motions and harsh weather conditions represents potential hazards to offshore helicopter operations, our Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) is designed to support Helicopter Pilots to make vital safety decisions before take-off, during the approach and while on-deck.

 Tailored Solutions

 Our systems can be tailored to suit all customer’s needs and the latest regulations. A basic HMS can always be expanded with many add-on options and also sea sensors to form a full Metocean system.

 Increased operational regularity

It is crucial to have a reliable system providing accurate data. Ever since the first HMS was delivered, we have been continuously improving our solutions to ensure greater regularity. Besides the system itself, a key to ensure operational regularity is our dedicated support team and short response time.

 Remote Service & Support

If an operational interruption occurs our service team are ready to take immediate action through remote support channels to resolve the problem. The remote support service reduces the need for onboard services, subsequently reducing maintenance cost.

 Playback & Recording

All HMS data is recorded for 12 months. This data can be replayed and analysed on board or even ashore using the unique playback and data export function. The HMS also displays and records video by using a helideck camera. This combination of playback and recording makes investigation fast and precise.

 Compliant with Int. rules & regulations

The Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) and the helicopter operators both require a valid DVR of the HMS. All displayed values have to be compared against reference sources and verified to be within the specification. This verification report is done by, or in cooperation with SCI, who issue the report.


HMS flyer

Rules & regulations

  • Cap 437

  • NORSOK N-002

  • Brazil NORMAM-27



 Some typical reference vessels/rigs fitted with ShoreConnection HMS